The Curse Of The Crimson Throne.

Character Generation Session:

Point Buy

Typical is 15 point buy. But I am used to 20 points (from Society play and other games)…so 20 points.

The game does contain stat boosting items so, plan accordingly? It will be a while before you can purchase them, but they are there.

General Building Notes

Please do not chain complicated options to achieve stupid levels of power. Some combos is expected and encouraged (you are powerful heroes after all). What I don’t want is broken – that is usually fun for the person playing the broken character and no one else.

Same as always, absolutely no 3rd party options are allowed. And Archetypes are restricted and subject to DM approval. If you are taking an Archetype because it changes options and gives your character the feel you want with some cool specialized powers, I will probably allow it. If you are taking an Archetype to combo it with feats and traits to create a broken Crabslinger Barbarian who at first level rides a giant flying crab that you can summon with a free action and gets free quickened crabomancy spells every round, I will nerf you into ground (ie please don’t do this).

Keep the DM informed of the “plan” for your character.

I am NOT saying play vanilla and low power. I am saying that the rules allow for great power, exercise some responsibility and do not break them further.


Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling, Human, Tiefling (no hertiages), Assimar (no hertiages)


Prestige classes are available on approval (that mechanic was kind of replaced by Archetypes .. So Prestige classes are rare but available. Remember that it needs to be Pathfinder RPG.

(Open) (on approval) (Not allowed)

Barbarian Alchemist Gunslinger
Bard Cavalier Magus
Cleric Inquisitor Summoner
Druid Oracle Antipaladin
Fighter Witch Samurai
Monk Ninja

Archetypes Never Allowed

Master Summoner
Zen Archer
Any Archetype that lets you have more than 1 animal companion/or additional Summons.

Hit Points
For future games we will use Max HP at first level and then (no rolling) see List below:
D6 Classes get 4 HP a level
D8 Classes get 5 HP a level
D10 Classes get 6 HP a level
D 12 Classes get 7 HP a level


Starting gold is standard 150 gp

Equip Not Allowed
Hide Shirt (Unless playing Rise Of The Rune Lords)
ANY Firearms
Weapon cords
No advanced/inferior trait Ioun Stones. All Stones use Random method for wayfinder interaction.
Armored Kilt

Feats Not Allowed
Ethical Leader

Teamwork Feats [All] * unless you are granted them as a class ability or the like.
Then you open up the possibility of partners taking THAT specific feat.
Most Item Creation Feats [Crafting] – Craft Construct, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, and any Craft feat limited to a specific adventure (unless approved by GM)

  • Random note about crafting: You can still craft scrolls, potions, wands, mundane items, Alchemy, tattoos…etc. However any magic items are ALWAYS created at the minimum caster level.


Pick 2 traits. One must be from the “campaign” category for Curse Of The Crimson Throne (ie the ones in the player guide).

The following traits are not availibe:
Duskwalker Agent
Hedge Magician
Natural-Born Leader
Rich Parents
Coin Hoarder
Eldritch Smith
Spirit Talker

Curse Of The Crimson Throne - SY